2. System Requirements

For successful installation "root"-privileges are required because a new user will be created. And, of course a working internet access if the software package isn't at hand yet.
The Magic software package is provided as rpm package. Therefore a rpm-tool is required.

Once again I'd like to take the opportunity
to point out
that on a Linux system
are being made-up differently.

Only a <LF> is being used where in the wonderful world of Windoze a <CR><LF> is being used. That means that if a script has been edited on a Windoze machine for whatever reason it is very likely to crash. This will mean in 99% of all cases that you will spend a loooong time searching because the script looks excactly the same but will not be executed properly and produce error messages like "file not found" or "no root-privileges". You will look everywhere before you start counting textbytes.

2.1 Sample scripts

The discussed scripts are being provided as archive and must be copied to the Linux host and extracted there. The scripts linked in this document are for documentation purposes only. If they are copied and pasted, problems with line feeds will occur.

2.2 Libraries needed by Magic