1. Introduction

Magic's RAD-Development-Tool can be efficient and fast in developing complex tasks. If the basics and their rather unique approach have been understood. That's not the subject (it is rumored that other people are of different opinion...). Mainly an introduction into combining Linux and Magic is given, so that a Magic developer can perform a Magic-installation on Linux or communicate with his Linux-SysOp.
Scipts for each component of Magic (Broker, Runtime, FLEXlm, CGI-Requester, Dispatcher) are being introduced. The differences between the distribiutions Red Hat und SuSE are explained. With the information provided it should make no difficulties to install Magic on other distributions as well.

1.1 Contacts

Nothing must be said about the inexorable Uprising of Linux as Server-OS. Here are just some sources of information about the not so well known developing tool Magic.
The main information source for answers for problems with Magic:
More than 1000 users of this mailinglist are eager to help you out. Especially with answers for non-every-day questions.

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1.3 Feedback

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