1. Introduction

Magic's RAD-Development-Tool can be efficient and fast in developing complex tasks. But sometimes there is a need to call external functions. For this case there are several interfaces to call external DLL's.
But there are restrictions, not every function is usable. Some function's are awaiting a structure as value but magic is not able to process such structures. Other function's deliver the result to a call back address, which is called on an event.
So there are only some function's left, which are helping to make life (ähm.. work) easier with magic.

!! don't forget, portability to another OS is not easier with API call's !!

Enjoy the discovery of the Windows API.

1.1 Contacts

Here is a very good guide to Windows API function's:
Windows API Guide

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1.2.1 Samples
Here you find the program samples. Files with the extention ".app" are application's and file with ".mgp" are standalone program's.

1.3 Feedback

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